Selling Your Property: Tips for A Kitchen Makeover

July 19, 2022

One of the many benefits of selling off-market is the money sellers save on upfront marketing costs and fees. But whether you choose to sell pre or off-market, the one area you cannot skimp on is your presentation, and your priority should be the kitchen.

Australian homes favour an open-plan style of living, where the kitchen is on permanent display as it replaces the dining room to become the hub of the home. Moreover, this functional space has become multi-functioning in recent years as properties get smaller and more people work from home. So, not only must its versatility extend to hosting family dinners and board games, providing a space for the kids to do their homework, and doubling up as a home office, it must offer an inviting space for families to congregate and connect.

Since the disappearance of the dining room, the kitchen is now the hub of the home

Costs can easily spiral when you sell your home, and if your kitchen is tired or outdated, it poses a conundrum for sellers and buyers alike. Depending on its size, finish, and the quality of its appliances, a kitchen makeover can range from $10,000 to $50,000, so the decision of whether to replace it is not one sellers take lightly with no guarantee of a return on their investment.

You wouldn’t put an Ikea kitchen in a Mosman mansion

Style-wise, it is also something the seller must get right. The main goals of property styling are to add light and space and create a lifestyle your buyer wants to buy into, so the quality of the kitchen makeover must fit the style and aesthetic of the home. You wouldn’t put an Ikea kitchen in a mansion in Mosman, for example. And though there may be more flexibility in terms of price for smaller kitchens, logistics must also be factored in as the trades catch up from floodwater damage and deliveries are still affected by COVID.

But there is another option: A PARTIAL MAKEOVER OR REMODEL

Fortunately, there are several innovative and affordable ways to give your kitchen makeover the wow factor without breaking the bank, and we've listed them for you below:

  1. Replace your cabinet doors – This is a more expensive remodelling option if you must call in the professionals – about half the cost of a new kitchen - but if you are handy, it is an effective way to transform your kitchen.
  2. Repaint your cabinets – Painted cabinetry is back in fashion and the style works particularly well for Shaker-style or panelled cabinet doors. For buyers who have recently purchased a property, moody colours are very on trend right now, but if you are styling to sell, neutrals are safer. Simply adding new knobs or hardware can also make a massive difference in terms of presentation.
  3. Modify your cabinets - Older cabinets tend to be shorter, so you might also think about modifying their height. “Cabinets-to-the-ceiling make a kitchen feel taller and more spacious,” Carla Aston says, so adding extra cabinet space above or ripping out the wall units and putting in open shelving may be a better option.
  4. Replace your bench tops – Spotted granite, black marble and laminate tops that have been damaged in some way are the worst offenders for dating kitchens. For maximum impact, ideally, the top should reflect the colour of the cabinets, but if you have a large kitchen and cost is a factor, you may get away with simply changing the island top. Composites, including engineered stone, laminates, metal, and wood are all good options as replacements.
  5. Update your tiles/splashback – It is relatively easy to replace your tiles, but you may only need to replace or clean the grout. Painting over tiles can give them a new lease of life, as can permanent stick-on tiles or tile stickers. For selling purposes, your splashback should be clean and simple and ideally coordinate with the colour of your cabinets. If you are replacing the bench tops, you might consider using the same finish for the splashback.
  6. Replace dated white goods – ‘80s electric cooktops and ovens like the ones you remember from your student days will send some buyers into a tailspin, so unless your kitchen is in obvious need of a complete renovation or you are selling the property as a knockdown, we recommend replacing them. They have come down in price, and first impressions count.
  7. Replace the floor – As long as you factor in the cost to remove and reinstall appliances when you do this, changing your flooring - especially if it is dated or heavy in colour or texture like slate or terracotta tiling - can transform your kitchen.
Selling your property? We share some tips for a kitchen makeover.
A kitchen makeover can completely transform a home. We break down the things you can do that will make a huge difference to the overall value of your home.

A kitchen makeover can help alleviate one of the biggest pain points for sellers, which is cost

Your kitchen doesn't need to be modern, but it must be clean, tidy, and fully functioning because of the amount of traffic that passes through it, i.e., your drawers shouldn't stick, your doors shouldn't hang off their hinges, and the tap shouldn't wobble.

It doesn't need to be white, either. Neutrals works best when you are styling to sell, but that umbrella term includes greys and even touches of black which add depth to the space. "Less is more" is the best approach, so a plant and a few pieces of artfully arranged deco are really all you need to show off the area, and any appliances that fit into the cupboards should be put away.

One of the reasons Listing Loop's selling services are so popular is because selling your property pre or off-market removes many of the pain points of selling, and for many people, the biggest pain point is cost. A kitchen makeover is not only another great way to improve your profit margins, they are also a sustainable way of improving your home.

Sellers should never underestimate the impact of first impressions. Buyers lead busy lives too and don't want to think about renovations as soon as they move into their new home, so they will be prepared to pay a little bit more for a stylish, fully-functioning kitchen.

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